Re-Enabling Custom Result Processing Plug-In in NI TestStand After Upgrading

Updated May 26, 2020

Reported In


  • TestStand

Issue Details

I am using a custom results processing model plug-in but after upgrading NI TestStand it reverts back to the default plug-in.
How do I tell NI TestStand to use my custom result processing model plug-in?
NI TestStand calls the default result processing model plug-in, is there a way to change that?


In order to use a custom results processing model plug-in, use the following process:
 1. Open NI TestStand
 2. Click on Configure
 3. Click on Result Processing
 4. Make sure that the box labeled Show More Options is checked
 5. Click on Advanced
 6. Click on Create New Process Model Plug-in
 7. Navigate to the custom plug-in and select it
 8. Click Save