Is It Possible to Use Sorb With MPManager?

Updated May 13, 2020

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  • Micropross Accessories


MP300 couplers or testers for production


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Is It Possible to Use Sorb With MPManager?


SORB cannot be used with MPManager GUI.
It is not made for.
SORB is made to be used with MVPi.

SORB (Simple Object Request Broker) is the communication path between MVPi (Micropross Versatile Production Interface)
and MP300 testers or couplers for manufacturing tests.

For tests in manufacturing context, our customer generally developed their own production application.
To optimize testing time and overall yield, when possible it is recommended to use embedded application running on the testers/couplers in production.

Production application can be developed when using an environment of development such as Visual Studio.
Then, this application could be compiled with Wind River DIAB compiler to create a SORB *.exb file which is an embedded application.

This embedded application needs then to be uploaded into production testers and then can be called
by our production interface: MVPI for tests in production environment.

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