Is It Possible to Switch the Position of MP300 Inside a Rack Without Changing Their IP Address?

Updated Apr 8, 2024

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4x slots Rack 
8x slots Rack
16x slots Rack
with MP300 couplers or testers

Issue Details

Is it possible to switch the position of MP300 inside a Rack without changing their IP address?


MP300 couplers or testers which are delivered with production rack are set in Rack mode by default. 
This mode is especially useful when several MP300 are mounted into a rack for ease of maintenance.
If for any reason a MP300 need to be replaced with a spare part, there is no need to change the IP address.

This feature configures IP address with the slot number where the MP300 are located.
After power-up, the MP300 reads the slot number (1 to 16 for example) and replaces the last digit of
the IP address (in hexadecimal) with this number.

For example, if all of the 16 MP300 have IP addresses equal to (ie 0x28),
their base IP address will be (0x20 when removing the last digit).
So after power-up the configuration will be :


Additional Information

It is also possible to disable the rack mode to configure the IP address of each couplers or testers inside a rack.
To do so, please refer you to the MP300 UC user manual and refer you to the description of the API

MPS_EESetConfig or its associated remote command  EESC
After having disabled the Rack mode IP address of a coupler or tester can be checked when using 
MPS_NetworkGetAddress API or its associated remote command NMGA

Assignment of an IP address can be done when using
MPS_NetworkSetAddress API or its associated remote command NMPA.

For any additional questions please contact NI technical support team on when opening a Service Request case using the NI Service Request Manager (SRM).

To open a service request on, please follow the steps described at this link.