What Advanced Analog Measurement Feature of MP500 Stands For?

Updated Oct 13, 2021

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MP500 TCL3
NFC Forum reference antennas
EMVCo test reference antennas
Dual PCD/PICC antennas
Dual Poller/Listener antennas
HDMI splitter board

card emulation license
advanced analog measurement license 

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What Advanced Analog Measurement feature of MP500 stands for?


Thanks to the architecture of the MP500 we have been able to embed signal processing algorithm extracted from our test solutions and to add VNA-like features such as S11 measurement in the MP500 TCL3 and MP500 PT1NFC.
This optional feature is known as the advanced analog measurement license.

At the early stage of a project, it is possible to perform load modulation amplitude measurement of passive devices or power transfer and waveshapes measurement of contactless terminals without the help of an external oscilloscope or an amplifier.

For design and characterization tests it is the perfect compromise with a compliance test bench.

The user builds his own test scenario when using the script editor of MPManager software interface, execute it and get access to the result in the execution log panel of MPManager and the trace are displayed with MPWaveform viewer.
The results can be correlated to the one obtained when using reference antenna use for
- EMVCo conformance test
- NFC Forum conformance test


Load modualtion amplitude measurement: ISO 14443 type A at 106 kbits/s

Type A waveshape measurement at 106 kbits/s

The advance analog measurement license gives access to:
- Load modulation amplitude measurement
- Power transfer measurement
- Index of modulation and waveform measurement
- Carrier frequency measurement
- S11 measurement

The measurement can be performed
- on ISO 14443 type A/B smart card or terminal (all data rates).
- on ISO 15693 tag or terminal
- on payment smart card and terminal
- on NFC Forum polling or listening devices.

Additional Information

Coupled with the spy'n play feature of MPManager it is also possible to build a library of waveshapes to be generated to test passive devices.

For conformance testing, certified EMVCo and NFC Forum analog test tools and solutions are available.

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