Can MP300 TC3 Be Used for SPI Communication?

Updated Apr 8, 2024

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MP300 TC3
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Can the MP300 TC3 be used for SPI communication?


MP300 TC3 is able to support Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) communication.

For SPI communication, Reset (C2), Clock (C3), IO (C7) and C6 are redirected to SS, SCLK, MOSI and MISO.
The use of SPI channel requires a software license and an adaptor.
- 786592-01: SPI FOR MP300 TC3

It is possible to perform SPI read/write operations.
MPManager viewer displays the state of the PINs and the read/write message.
End-user can also develop application controlling MP300 thanks to our communication dll and APIs. 

Adjustable SPI parameters are the following ones:
- transmission byte convention
- Transmission and reception time out
- Polarity of the signal SCLK
     low in idle state
     or high in idle state
- bit sampling mode
     bit sampling on the first clock edge
     bit sampling on the second clock edge
- frequency of the signal SCLK (from 1 to 20 MHz)

Additional Information

MP300 MX1 and MP300 C3 also support SPI communication protocols can be used in manufacturing environment for pre-personalization.

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