Does MP300 TC3 Can Be Used for I²C Communication?

Updated May 13, 2020

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MP300 TC3
MP300 MX1
MP300 C3
MP300 SC2 (external sniffer)

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Does MP300 TC3 can be used for I²C Communication?


MP300 TC3 can be used as an I²C Master to communicate with a slave.
I²C software features can be unlocked with a software license and an adaptor can be provided to perform I²C tests with MP300 TC3.

786591-01 I2C FOR MP300 TC3

For I²C communication, RFU1 (C4) and RFU2 (C8) are redirected to I²C SCL and SDA.
All the I²C timings are adjustable in micro or nanoseconds with a resolution of 20 ns.


tSU;DAT: SDA Setup time for data
tHD;DAT: SDA Hold time for data
tSU;STA: SDA Setup time for start condition
tHD;STA: SDA Hold time for start condition
tSU;STO: SDA Setup time for stop condition
tHIGH: SCL High state duration
tLOW: SCL Low state duration

From a protocol point of view, 7 and 10 bits addressing so as fast mode I²C is supported.

After having defined I²C parameters, you can read and write I²C data, perform electrical and timing measurements and realize anti-tearing tests.

MP300 TC3 can be controlled through MPManager software interface and you can build test scenarios thanks to the script editor and get access to communication trace information thanks to our MPManager viewer.
- Transitions on SCL and SDA,
- Characters exchanged,
- Address and data filed decoding,

It is also possible to develop your own test application thanks to our communication dll and APIs.

Additional Information

For production MP300 MX1 or MP300 C3 supports I²C Master to slave communication as well
and can be used for pre-personnalization.

MP300 SC2 external sniffer can also be used in order to capture I²C communication between 
a Master and a Slave.