DAQmx Devices Compatibility with IVI Drivers

Updated Apr 9, 2023

Issue Details

I have existing code that uses IVI drivers to interact with my different instruments. I would like to reuse this code to control or acquire from an NI data acquisition device that uses the DAQmx driver. Are these devices compliant with IVI drivers?


NI DAQ devices are not IVI-compliant. They can only be controlled using the NI DAQmx driver. DAQmx devices are generally multifunction DAQ devices that do not fit into a single IVI class. The DAQmx driver can be used in many different languages and application development environments such as LabVIEW, C, C++ , .NET, and Python.

If you absolutely must use IVI to communicate with the DAQ device, you may be able to create your own custom IVI driver in LabWindows/CVI  for your device. However, this is not guaranteed to have the same functionality as using DAQmx to communicate directly with the device.

Additional Information

Some legacy NI DAQ devices used a driver called Traditional NI-DAQ instead of DAQmx. 

Many other NI devices, such as NI DMMs, scopes, power supplies, and switches, are compatible with IVI class drivers.