Generate .MPAT Trace Using TCL3 and MPManager

Updated May 5, 2020

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


SW: MPManager
HW: MP500 TCL3

Issue Details

I would like to run a script on the TCL3 with MPManager and view the analog capture as an .mpat file in MPWaveformViewer.

Can MPManager save the trace an .mpat file?


Yes, creating an analog capture as an .mpat file is possible with only the MP500 TCL3 and MPManager.

However, it requires the Advanced Measurement for TCL3 firmware upgrade. This feature will allow you to set a trigger during your script's execution and create a 2 ms capture of the signal of interest, which is saved as an .mpat file. Customers use this to make snapshot captures of load modulation amplitude (LMA) on a PICC or waveform timing on a PCD. The .mpat file an be converted to .csv format using MPWaveformViewer.

The default MP500 firmware is not capable of this feature and will need to be upgraded in order to meet this requirement.

Additional Information

Note: These measurements are not certified EMVCo, ISO, or NFC Forum measurements, as they are not being created using tools meeting the standard bodies' official requirements. They are meant to be informative and are not targeting official certification-level precision and accuracy.