Programmatically Changing Test Limits for All UUT's in TestStand

Updated Nov 10, 2023

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  • TestStand

Issue Details

  • I am taking a measurement which I would like to use to dynamically change the my test limits for all the UUT's in the next set of tests. How might I go about doing this?  
  • How can I use the result from an initial test to set the numeric limits for multiple UUT's?


The initial test which is being used to calibrate subsequent limits should be placed in the ProcessSetup sequence. This sequence can be found by opening the model sequence file; this can be done by clicking on the Model:ModelName  button at the bottom of the page:

Next, click on the ProcessSetup Sequence in the Sequences section: 

The results of the test should be written to a StationGlobal in order to ensure that this data can be read from a different sequence file. The ProcessSetup sequence will only execute once, and hence this result can be used for all UUTs as seen below from the sequential process model:

In the MainSequence section, there should be a Numeric Limit Test which uses the StationGloabal as a multiplication factor in the High and Low sections of the Limits tab. In this example the Station Global is named CalibrationResult, here the limits are set to be within 5% of the calibration measurement: