Error -2147352573 Using LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit

Updated Apr 30, 2020

Issue Details

I have a VI which performs operations on an Excel file which consists of a data table sheet, and another sheet which plots the data from the data table sheet on a chart using Excel. When I run the LabVIEW VI, it works with a specific template. If I change the template and then run the VI with the new template, it stops working, and the VI throws error -2147352573.

The VI ends up not writing the data to the Excel file, leaving it empty. This occurs with certain templates, and with others it doesn't.


When working with an Excel file that consists of multiple sheets, one of which is a plot, and another is a data table, make sure to save the Excel file after the data table sheet is open, so that every time the Excel file is opened, it automatically opens the data table sheet where the LabVIEW code will be performing its operations.

If the Excel file is saved while the plot sheet is selected, this will cause the error to occur, and the VI will not run as expected.