Disabling Kernel DMA Protection To Avoid BSOD When Using NI-MXI Card

Updated Dec 17, 2023

The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) can happen due to multiple reasons when involving MXI cards as we are depending on multiple manufacturers of the motherboards and computers. For this article, we are tackling the issue when the stop code of the BSOD is specifying that it has Driver Verifier DMA Violation error shown. 

To disable kernel DMA, it is depending on different manufacturer BIOS, if you can get a specific manual then it would be more helpful. So please refer to the manual of your PC manufacturer. But generally the steps is as below: 
  1. Boot into BIOS, this can be done by rebooting your PC and press F2/Delete, it will show on your screen before windows come up.
  2. Then if you are able to boot in, you will land on the BIOS page. Usually, this DMA setting will be under Security Tab.
  3. This is an example image, it might look different on your screen. Choose the Kernel DMA Protection and then select Disabled.
  1. Another thing that you can set to Disabled in the BIOS is the Intel Virtualization Technology for I/O (VT- d) if you don't have the option to disable Kernel DMA Protection. (VT-d settings can be found under Advanced CPU Settings)                 thumbnail_IMG-0246.jpg
  2. Save And Exit and then reboot your MXI PC.