What Is the Maximum Update Rate of my NI Digital I/O Device?

Updated Jun 28, 2022

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  • Digital I/O Device

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I want to confirm the maximum update rate for an NI Digital I/O device. Where can I find this information?


The device's specifications sheet will list its maximum update rates and/or supported sample clock frequencies. You can find the specifications sheet for the device by searching the NI Product Documentation Center. If there is no maximum update rate and/or supported sample clock frequency listed, this device uses Static I/O and does not have a specified maximum rate.


Additional Information

Static I/O devices do not employ handshaking or hardware-controlled timing for their Digital I/O functionality. Instead, every digital read or write the board performs must be initiated by a software command. Upon receiving a software command, one or more digital lines or ports immediately inputs or outputs a pattern. Because no hardware timing is employed, transfer speeds are completely software- and system-dependent. You can read more on Static I/O functionality here.