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Web-Based Configuration and Monitoring Tool Automatically Opens in Microsoft Edge

Updated Oct 30, 2023

Reported In

Operating System

  • LabVIEW Real-Time (NI Linux Real-Time)


  • Microsoft Edge

Issue Details

  • I am trying to open my real-time controller's web-based configuration in a browser that requires Microsoft Silverlight, but my PC keeps automatically opening the page in an unsupported browser. How can I change this?
  • I want to open the Web-Based Configuration and Monitoring Tool for my real-time target in Internet Explorer. In Microsoft Edge, the URL doesn't work. How can I force the web page to load in Internet Explorer?


Due to Microsoft ending support for Internet Explorer, some PCs will automatically launch Internet Explorer pages in Microsoft Edge or another browser. To avoid this from happening, the following options are available:

1. Enable Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge.
2. Change the default browser.
3. Update the real-time system image to use a Web-Based Configuration and Monitoring Tool that doesn't require Internet Explorer or Silverlight.

Enable Internet Explorer Mode in Microsoft Edge

1. Launch Microsoft Edge.
2. From the upper-right corner, select the ellipses and click Settings.

Edge Settings.png

3. From the Settings page, click in the menu icon in the top-left and select Default Browser.

default browser.png

4. Underneath the Internet Explorer compatibility section:
  • Set the Let Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge to Never.
  • Set Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode to Allow.
  • Select Add next to Internet Explorer mode pages, paste the URL of the target's Web-Based Configuration and Monitoring Tool, and then click Add.

Internet Explorer Compatibility.png

Change the Default Browser

1. Launch Internet Explorer.
2. Click the cog icon from the top-right and select Internet Options.

IE tools.png

3. In the pop-up window, navigate to the Programs tab.
4. Under the Opening Internet Explorer section, select Make Internet Explorer the default browser.
  • In the new pop-up window, select OK.

Internet Options Window.png

5. Open Windows Settings and select Apps.
6. From the left-hand menu, select Default Apps.

Windows Default Apps.png

7. Scroll to down to the Web browser section. Select the current web browser and change it to Internet Explorer.

set default web browser.png

Use a Newer Version of the Web-Based Configuration and Monitoring Tool

If the real-time controller is running Linux, a new Web-Based Configuration and Monitoring Tool was released with NI Linux RT System Image 21.0 and newer.
To verify whether the real-time target supports the new system image, refer to the Readme document at the NI Linux RT System Image Release Notes.