Download and Activate LabVIEW Student Edition

Updated Jan 19, 2023



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Note: NI no longer offers LabVIEW Student Edition. For any new applications, NI recommends that students use LabVIEW Community Edition or look into the NI software packages available through their school. Contact your school's License Administrator to determine if you have access to NI software.

LabVIEW Student Edition licenses were sold by distributors like Studica. For users with existing Student licenses, use the following steps to install and activate LabVIEW Student Edition.

LabVIEW Student Edition does not have a direct download link. To download and activate the Student Edition of LabVIEW, you should begin by downloading the Base Version of LabVIEW that you would like. 
  1. Go to the LabVIEW Downloads Page to download and install the Base Version of LabVIEW for the specific year you need.
  2. Follow installation instructions from NI Package Manager to install the product. 
  3. Once the product has been installed, activate it using your serial number for LabVIEW Student Edition.
    • In NI License Manager, you will find LabVIEW Student Edition under Local Licenses >> [LabVIEW Version] >> Application >> Development System
.LabVIEW Student Edition NI License Manager

You now have LabVIEW Student Edition Installed and Activated.

Note: NI now offers Student Install Options for Academic Volume Licenses (AVL) to give access to students to the same software they use in the laboratory. If you are a student who wants to have access to NI software please contact your IT Help Desk or Service Desk and ask for the Student Install Serial Number.