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Activate NI Community Edition Software

Updated Jul 2, 2024



  • LabVIEW Community
  • G Web Development Software Community
  • License Manager

This article outlines the steps for you to activate NI Community Edition Software

NI Community edition software products are versions of NI development software, available to users for free for non-commercial use

The activation process requirements are the same for all Community products, including LabVIEW Community Edition and G Web Development Software Community Edition. Follow the next steps to learn how to activate your NI Community edition software products 

  1. Download NI Community edition software – for instance, LabVIEW Community edition or G Web Development Software Community edition, you will be prompted to log in if you haven't done it yet, this is the same account you will use on the third step.           
  2. Run the downloaded executable to start the installation.
  3. Activate using the same NI account credentials you used when downloading the product from the website. You can accomplish this through the software sign-in prompts that appear after installation, or through NI License Manager. 
  • Software sign-on: 
  1. Open the software. You will see a prompt asking you to activate the product, click on Log in to Activate
                                                    Log in to activate
  1. Input your account info to the Activation Wizard using the same account that you used to download the software.
                                                                          User log information
  • NI License Manager sign-on: 
  1. Open NI License Manager and select the Activate Software tab.
                                                   Activate software
  1. Login to the Activation Wizard using the same account that you used to download the software.
  2. Select Check my account for licenses and then click on Activate.
                                              Check account


Community Edition Licensing Details

LabVIEW Community Edition licenses are user-based, which means that the software can be installed on up to three computers, but it can only run on one computer at a time.

Offline Activation

Currently, offline activation is not available for LabVIEW Community Edition. You can install offline using the ISO installer file downloaded on a computer that is not connected to the internet; however, for activation, you will have to log in to the NI Account used to download the ISO installer file, which requires a network connection. After activation is done via network, you can disconnect from the network and use LabVIEW offline.