Activating Previous Versions of NI Software for Single Seats

Updated Apr 9, 2024



  • License Manager

This article explains how to proceed when a license for NI software is purchased and is intended to use a version of the software that is older than the one purchased.

Note: If need assistance for a Volume License Server client computer/user, please refer to this article: Activate Older Versions of NI Software with NI Volume License Manager

With the new NI's Subscription Software Program, the serial number that is received when NI software is purchased gives access to the latest version of the software. This serial number can be used to activate not only that version but previous and future versions with automatic upgrades as soon as software is released considering that the software subscription license or services agreement is active.

For example, a LabVIEW license can be purchased and use the serial number to activate LabVIEW 2018 or 2012 or any prior to the latest at the moment of the purchase.

Steps to activate older versions of software:
  1. Register your serial number. The steps are detailed here: Register Products to MyNI User Account.
  2. Download the legacy software you are interested in. For more information about downloading older versions, please see: Download Older Versions of NI Software.
  3. Follow the activation method that better matches your licensing agreement. Here you can see detailed help: Activating NI Software Products .

Refer to Single-Seat License Program for more information.