FRC roboRIO STATUS LED Constantly Flashing

Updated Mar 13, 2023

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Issue Details

  • The STATUS LED on my roboRIO is continuously flashing.  
  • I'm unable to reach the roboRIO with the roboRIO Imaging Tool.  
  • When I try to go into Safe Mode, the roboRIO reboots and then the LED starts flashing again.


First identify if you have a roboRIO or roboRIO 2.0 device. Look for a SD Card reader and the logo on the front of the device.
  • The roboRIO 2.0 will have the SD Card reader and a logo with the letters NI on it.
  • The roboRIO 1.0 will not have a SD Card reader and the logo read "Powered by LabVIEW".

roboRIO 1.0 (no SD card)

  1. Boot the roboRIO into safe mode and check if the STATUS LED does not continuously blink anymore without a pattern. A roboRIO in safe mode will blink its STATUS LED with three flashes every few seconds. The STATUS LED is off during normal operation.
  2. Factory reset the device using the recovery file provided in this document if the device continues blinking the STATUS LED constantly by following these instructions:
    1. Download the recovery.cfg file.
    2. Find a flash drive, remove everything from it, and reformat it as a FAT32 drive by right-clicking on the flash drive and selecting Format.. from the list.
    3. Place only the recovery.cfg file on the flash drive.
    4. Turn off your roboRIO.
    5. Plug in the FAT32 formatted flash drive (with only the CFG file on it) into one of the two USB ports on the roboRIO.
    6. While holding down the Reset button, turn on the roboRIO.
    7. Let go of the Reset button after the STATUS LED has turned on and remains solid.
    8. Watch the STATUS LED. It should stay on for about 60 seconds and not continuously blink the STATUS LED anymore without a pattern. Try the following recommendations if the device does not recognize the USB after a couple of attempts:
      1. Use a different flash drive. Smaller capacities work better.
      2. Use an externally powered USB hub between the roboRIO and the flash drive.
      3. Use an SD card to USB adapter, following the steps using the SD card instead of a USB flash drive. 
    9. Turn off the roboRIO, remove the flash drive, and turn on the roboRIO.
    10. Reimage the roboRIO through its USB or Ethernet port using the roboRIO Imaging Tool.
  3. If your roboRIO displays an unrecoverable error (STATUS LED blinking continuously) after following the previous steps, please contact National Instruments .

roboRIO 2.0 (with SD card)

  1. Use the process described here to reimage the roboRIO SD card: roboRIO 2.0 microSD Card Imaging
  2. Once the SD card is imaged, reinsert it to the roboRIO and connect it to your computer by USB to set the team number using the roboRIO Imaging Tool.
  3. If after successfully imaging the SD card and inserting it into the roboRIO, the roboRIO 2.0 exhibits the same behavior, try a different microSD card.
  4. Open the device by removing the cover from the bottom (4 screws) and clean it using compressed air, especially the SD card slot. A continuously flashing Status LED in the roboRIO 2.0 normally indicates the device is not able to boot properly, likely because the SD card is not being read.
  5. If the roboRIO has a red STATUS LED please visit: FRC roboRIO Light is Red .
  6. If your roboRIO displays an unrecoverable error (STATUS LED blinking continuously) after following the previous steps, please contact National Instruments .