Installing IVI Step Types for TestStand 2023 Q4 and Later

Updated Nov 27, 2023



  • TestStand


  • NI-DMM

For TestStand 2019 and later versions, the main installer doesn't include the IVI Step Types. This article will explore how to Install them for TestStand 2023 Q4 and later versions.

Note: To install the IVI steps for 2019 to 2022, refer to Installing IVI Step Types for TestStand 2019 Up Until TestStand 2022 Q4 article.
Software required: TestStand 2023 Q4 (32-bit) or later.

Intended audience: This article is intended for TestStand developers that need to develop or support applications that require IVI drivers in a 32-bit environment.
The IVI Step Types installer can be found in the USB drive that ships with TestStand or in the ISO available in the individual offline installers link at the bottom right of the TestStand download page, as seen in the steps below.

1. Download the ISO installer from NI website:
Note: If you have already installed TestStand 2023 Q4, you can skip Steps 1 and 2 and continue from Step 3.image.png

2. Open the ISO installer and it shows as the image below:image.png

3. After installing the TestStand 2023 Q4, user can install IVI Steps by installing the packages attached in this KB, as shown in the image below:image.png
4. Reboot the computer to complete the operation.

After installing the packages in the AdditionalInstaller zipped attachment, the IVI steps will be available in the TestStand.