Archived:C/C++ Development Tools 2017 Version Missing ARM/x64 Folder

Updated Sep 6, 2023

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For New Projects, a Modernized Toolchain Is Advised Instead

This article explains how to use Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools for NI Linux Real-Time to achieve cross-compiling tasks. This toolset is not actively maintained anymore. It was last updated in 2018 and is currently not advised to be used for new projects.

Instead, NI created extensive documentation for a modernized toolchain, which is easier to learn and utilize. That documentation also provides information on typical steps, like building, deploying, and debugging a shared library. If you are planning to do C/C++ development and are searching for the right toolchain, then visit Getting Started with C/C++ Development for NI Linux Real-Time.

Overview of the Following Eclipse-Based Content

I have installed C/C++ Development Tools 2014 and I can see the support for ARM and Linux x64 targets on the installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Eclipse\14.0): 


However, for the C/C++ Development Tools 2017, both folders are missing:


How can I fix this?


In C/C++ Development Tools 2017 the support folder path for ARM and Intel x64 targets was modified. You can find these folders on C:\build\17.0:



Additional Information

The C/C++ Development Tools can be downloaded here.