Download and Install Legacy NI-DCPower Soft Front Panel

Updated Aug 12, 2021



  • PXI Source Measure Unit
  • PXI Programmable Power Supply


  • NI-DCPower

The legacy soft front panel for NI programmable power supplies and SMUs has been deprecated since NI-DCPower 18.1 in favor of InstrumentStudio. InstrumentStudio is a 64-bit soft front panel application that unifies soft front panels for multiple NI instruments, including NI-DCPower instruments, on 64-bit systems and is automatically installed when you install any of the applicable drivers on a 64-bit system. The legacy soft front panel was still included with NI-DCPower for use on 32-bit systems, which do not support InstrumentStudio, or if you chose not to install InstrumentStudio. 

NI software released after May 1, 2021 no longer supports 32-bit operating systems. As a result, the legacy soft front panel for NI-DCPower instruments has been removed from the NI-DCPower installer starting with NI-DCPower 21.0, and InstrumentStudio is now the only soft front panel application that is installed alongside the driver. 

If you need to use the legacy soft front panel with a version of NI-DCPower that does not include it, you can download it from this article. 

Note: to run the legacy soft front panel, the LabVIEW Runtime engine (version 2018 or later) must be installed in your environment. 

Complete the following steps to download and install the legacy soft front panel: 

  1. Download the zip archive and unzip to any local directory. 
  2. Launch NI-DCPower_Soft_Front_Panel.exe from the unzipped directory.