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SystemLink or FlexLogger Services Fail to Start on Intel Processor Systems

Updated Dec 3, 2021

Reported In


  • FlexLogger
  • SystemLink Server

Issue Details

Some SystemLink web services may fail to start on systems that have specific models of Intel processors that support SHA extensions.  As FlexLogger leverages these SystemLink services, it may also be affected.

The services that fail to start can be viewed using the SystemLink Server Configuration utility:


Note: Some versions of SystemLink or FlexLogger may also fail to install due to this issue.


This issue only affects SystemLink 2021 R1 and older, and FlexLogger 2021 R2 and older.  Upgrading to a newer version of the software will resolve this issue.


Additional Information

If upgrading is not possible, Intel also provides a workaround to set a specific environment variable that will cause OpenSSL to avoid using the SHA extensions that trigger the bug.