Error -1074000000 Occurred at Keithley DMM6500

Updated Aug 30, 2021

Reported In


  • Keithley DMM6500 DAQ6500 Series LabVIEW Plug and Play (project-style)


  • Keithley DMM6500

Issue Details

I am trying to get temperature readings with a Keithley DMM6500 using its NI LabVIEW plug and play instrument driver, but I get the following error:
Following the error chain, it is generated in the Configure Measurement VI file within the driver's library. How can I resolve the error?


In version 1.1 of the instrument's plug and play driver the temperature measurement method does not have a proper case in the Case Structure within the Configure Measurement VI, which causes the program to send an unrecognizable SCPI command to the instrument. To resolve the error:
  • Go to the Instrument Driver Network (IDNet) and download the newest Keithley DMM6500 instrument driver. The fix for the missing temperature measurement case was included in revision 1.2.
  • If a download is not possible, you can modify the Configure Measurement VI adding a case for the temperature measurement, value of 8, and configure it as follows:

Additional Information

According to the driver's version 1.2 readme file, this also applies to the Diode, Continuity, Frequency and Period measurement methods.