NI System Configuration VIs Are Broken in My System

Updated Jun 15, 2023

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  • System Configuration

Issue Details

I have three PCs with LabVIEW and other NI drivers installed. I have observed in all the PCs that the below VIs located in the system configuration folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2019\vi.lib\nisyscfg are broken:
  1. Create Filter
  2. Property Node (Filter).vi
  3. Property Node (Hardware).vi
  4. Property Node (System).vi
When I open any of these VIs in LabVIEW and press the run button, I get the below errors-
  • VI Errors
This VI claims to be a part of a library, but that library does not claim to own this VI
  • Block Diagram Errors
Property Node: Contains unwired or bad terminal
SubVI 'nisyscfg.lvlib:Create' required input 'Session in [Session in]' is not wired



This is an expected behavior as these VIs are not a part of the NI System Configuration library nisyscfg.lvlib. Moreover, these VIs are not supposed to be used as independent subVIs as they are merely wrappers over other VIs or property nodes. Please refer to the explanation below for each of these VIs-

1 - Create Filter From its block diagram below it can be understood that this VI is merely a wrapper around the Create Filter VI with  a System Filter property node linked to it.

If you go to LabVIEW function palette-->Measurement I/O-->System Configuration-->Utilities, you will see the Create Filter VI. This is actually the Create Filter Wrapper VI and if you drag it to the block diagram you will notice that the above wrapper VI's block diagram gets placed. In order to use it you still need to wire the missing references or controls as shown below - 
2 - Property Node (Filter).vi/Property Node (Hardware).vi/Property Node (System).vi- These are merely property nodes wrapped inside a VI and you can even delete them from this folder. In your LabVIEW code you can access these system configuration property nodes by creating a property node and selecting System Config class as shown below: