NI Hardware and Software Necessary for a DeviceNet Application

Updated Dec 19, 2023

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  • PCI-8532
  • PXI-8532
  • NI-9882
  • sbRIO-9882


  • NI-Industrial Communications for DeviceNet

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I want to communicate with a device using DeviceNet, and want to use NI hardware and software to do so. What hardware and software will I need to communicate with my device?


This guide explains potential architectures and necessary NI hardware and software to communicate with a DeviceNet device. Once you have the device/target you will be communicating with using DeviceNet, you will need a combination of the hardware and software listed below based on the needs of your system.

The three possible hardware architectures for NI DeviceNet communication are listed below:
  • PCI-8532: The PCI-8532 allows you to turn a PC into a DeviceNet master or slave to communicate with a DeviceNet network. This architecture would work best if you don't need deterministic timing for communication with your device, and if you don't need your application to be deployed at a remote location.
  • (no longer sold) NI-9882 and cRIO Controller, or sbRIO-9882 and sbRIO Controller: The NI-9882 module and a cRIO or sbRIO controller would allow you to take advantage of the controllers' Real-Time OS to enforce deterministic timing on your communication, as well as use the onboard FPGA to greatly improve code execution speed. cRIO and sbRIO controllers will offer similar performance - the cRIO will be ruggedly designed, capable of being deployed in hostile environments, and capable of holding more modules, while the sbRIO will be more compact and lightweight.
  • PXI-8532 and PXI System : Utilizing a PXI system will grant you the greatest flexibility in designing your system. While more expensive and less rugged than a RIO controller, you will be able to choose between a Windows or Real-Time OS, include FPGA processing in your communication if needed, and access to the largest array of modules to perform additional tasks necessary for your application alongside your DeviceNet communication.
All DeviceNet applications involving NI hardware and software will require the NI-Industrial Communications for DeviceNet Driver to be able to communicate with your DeviceNet device or network. If you are developing your communication code, you will also need a programming environment like LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI, and any necessary modules to communicate with your chosen hardware. The two most common necessary modules are: You may also need additional device drivers depending on your chosen hardware: