Reducing RAM Usage While Building LabVIEW Application

Updated Dec 4, 2023



  • LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW Application Builder Module

This suggestions are important when the project file is big, consumes lot of RAM memory while building an application (applies when project has more than ~2000 VIs, subVIs, project dependencies)
The following suggestions will highly reduce RAM usage during building of an application.

  • Decrease the number of front panel objects (remove the unnecessary ones, keep only ones that are in use, example: don’t use graphs in the subVIs, instead use indicators). 
  • Using Packed Project Libraries in the project will decrease RAM memory usage during building application. This will decrease the time of compilation of the application and will decrease the resources needed to compile the application (by using pre-compiled project library). Here is detailed information how to convert VIs in a LabVIEW project to a Packed Project Library.
  • Call VI dynamically by reference will help not only to reduce memory usage on building, but also on run-time (the application will consume less memory as the VIs won't load with the main application, but when they will be referenced, and the memory allocation will be decreased, when you close the references). 
  • Use Mass Compile will compile all VIs in your application, keep them in the cash, and call compiled files from cash while building executable.
  • Inline VIs into calling VIs will also enhance reducing the usage of memory, as some functionality of VIs are disabled for inline VIs (such as debugging, certain block diagram nodes, etc.)