Different VISA Commands Between Development and Executable File in NI I/O Trace

Updated Jan 10, 2022

Issue Details

When executing VISA command vi in LabVIEW during developing, NI I/O Trace shown VISA command such as VISA Write, VISA Open, VISA Read as diagram below:

However after build as executable file, NI I/O Trace shown VISA command differently such as viWrite, viOpen, viRead as diagram below:


The VISA Write and viWrite are exactly the same. The reason you see NI I/O Trace differently in development is because LabVIEW and NI VISA are publishing information to NI I/O Trace at the same time while executable file is just NI VISA publishing information to NI I/O Trace. 

You could disable the LabVIEW API in the Tools >> Options >> View Selection to show NI VISA calls only as shown below: