Run DIAdem Script in SystemLink with Specific Windows Account

Updated Jun 9, 2021



  • SystemLink
  • SystemLink TDM DataFinder Module

I am running Visual Basic Script (VBS) written in DIAdem for data processing on SystemLink. The VBS scripts write data into a Microsoft SQL Server. To establish connection to the Microsoft SQL Server, I need to ensure the VBS scripts are running with a certain Windows account. How can I configure my SystemLink to ensure the VBS scripts are run with a certain Windows account?

To run the VBS scripts on SystemLink with a certain Windows account, you can configure the SystemLink TDM User account to be the user that has Microsoft SQL Server access privileges and then run the Analysis Server tasks with the SystemLink TDM User (the default). This will ensure the VBS scripts are run with the desired Windows account.
SystemLink TDM User Account