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Automate DIAdem Reports With SystemLink TDM Modules

Updated Apr 3, 2024



  • SystemLink TDM DataFinder Module
  • SystemLink TDM Analysis Add-On
  • DIAdem
  • SystemLink Server

Save engineering time and deliver results faster by automating DIAdem reports with SystemLink™ TDM Modules. This document explains the steps to set up the SystemLink TDM DataFinder and the SystemLink TDM Analysis Server to automate DIAdem reports, so that all your acquired data gets reported and your engineers are freed from repetitive and tedious manual reporting activities. This keeps your organization’s stakeholders up to date on the testing process and allows your engineers to focus on improving your products.

  1. In SystemLink, create a DataFinder instance. This will point SystemLink to the location of the data files that will be used as input data for the reports. These data files will be also indexed.
  2. If you are using a custom file format and a DataPlugin is necessary to interpret the data, follow these additional steps:
    1. Click in the gear next to the newly created DataFinder instance and click Manage, or simply double click the instance.
    2. Select the DataPlugins tab.
    3. Enabled any preinstalled DataPlugin necessary to read the input files.
    4. Then, move to the Index tab and select Reset Index >> Entire index to re-index all the files contained in the Search Areas using the DataPlugins you just enabled.
  3. Create an analysis automation procedure in DIAdem, which you will upload to  host your DIAdem report on the SystemLink server.  You can then configure that report to be run any  the DataFinder indexes one of those data files.
Note: Remember to add the report layout (*.TDR) to the Analysis Automation Procedure and reference it in your script, using the CurrentScriptPath DIAdem variable concatenated with the file name of the report layout file. Refer to the Report Data in DIAdem section of the Interactively Visualize, Analyze, and Report Data with DIAdem article for an overview on how to create reports in DIAdem.
  1. Add the analysis automation procedure into SystemLink.
  2. Add tasks to Analysis Automation in SystemLink to configure whether the report will be generated manually (by pressing a single button), on a scheduled basis, or every time new data files are indexed in a Search Area of the DataFinder instance created in step 1.

After completing the above steps you will have automated the process of generating reports. The periodicity of the generation will depend on the type of task created in the step 5.