Accelerometer's Output Does Not Match With FD-11634 Input Cable

Updated Dec 19, 2023

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  • FD-11634
  • PCB GPTC03

Issue Details

I have purchased a FieldDAQ device FD-11634 and an accelerometer PCB GPTC03 from NI. The input cable of the FieldDAQ has two connectors, an M12 connector that plugs into the FieldDAQ and a BNC connector that plugs into the accelerometer. Nevertheless, my accelerometer's output connector is smaller than a BNC input. What am I missing?


NI offers several accelerometers to our customers. You can select between general-purpose accelerometers, industrial accelerometers, and triaxial accelerometers. Depending on the accelerometer you need, you will require a different cable.

The output connector of the PCB GPTC03 accelerometer is a 10-32 Coaxial Jack male output. That connector is not compatible with a BNC female input connector. In order to connect the accelerometer to the FieldDAQ's input cable, you require a PCB Low Noise Coaxial Cable with 10-32 plug to BNC plug. NI offers this cable. Its product number is 780986-01.