Callback Tracing in TestStand During Execution

Updated Apr 21, 2023



  • TestStand

This article explains how to disable or enable Callback Tracing during program execution in TestStand.

In order to change this feature follow the below steps.
  1. Open the Configure tab in the toolbar and select Station Options. 
  2. On the Station Option window that appears, in this you should select the Execution tab: 
Execution tab of Station Options window.
  1. Follow the appropriate step below depending on if you're looking to enable or disable callback tracing:
    1. If you are looking to enable tracing in your program, select the Enable Tracing checkbox, as well as the portions of your execution you'd like to enable tracing for.
    2. If you are looking to disable tracing, you can fully disable tracing by deselecting Enable Tracing, or you can deselect the specific areas you don't want tracing to occur in. For disabling tracing during the body of your program, for example, you have to disable both the Allow Tracing into Pre-/Post - Step Callbacks and Allow Tracing in Post Action Callbacks.