Unable to Install NI-SWITCH on My PharLap Real-Time Controller

Updated Nov 21, 2023

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  • PXI Controller



Issue Details

I am installing software on my PharLap Real-Time controller and I have been able to install some drives, but NI-SWITCH does not show up on NI MAX in the list of software I can install.


This behavior is typically caused by not having the correct version of NI-SWITCH installed on the host computer or because the Real-Time Support is not installed on the host computer. Try the following troubleshooting steps to fix it:
  • Make sure that NI-SWITCH is installed on the host computer and that its version is compatible with your LabVIEW Real-Time version (the easiest way to check what software is installed is through NI MAX). Refer to the NI-SWITCH readme to check what versions of LabVIEW Real-Time are supported on your NI-SWITCH version.
  • Make sure that LabVIEW and NI-SWITCH were installed in the correct order of installation on the host computer. If the order was wrong, you will need to reinstall LabVIEW and drivers.
  • Check if the following folder exists on your computer: C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\RT Images\NI-SWITCH\<version>. If it does not exist, it means that NI-SWITCH PharLap ETS Real-Time Support, which is needed to be able to install NI-SWITCH on the controller, is not installed on the host computer. To fix it, please uninstall NI-SWITCH  on the host computer and install it again but this time make sure to select NI-SWITCH Phar Lap ETS Real-Time Support for NI 2524/5/6, 273x and 274x Switches and NI-SWITCH Phar Lap ETS Real-Time Support for NI-DAQmx-Based Switches when you are prompted for the installation of additional software on the early steps of the installation.
If the above steps don't work, please contact NI Support .