Denso Robot Not Moving With Error Message 83201281

Updated Dec 2, 2021

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Denso Interface Software, NFC Foruma Analog Test suite, EMVCo Analog Test suite

Issue Details

My DENSO ROBOT cannot move in "Auto" and "Manual" mode with the below Error Message.

83201281: TCP is interfering with Area0



As Denso Robot has touched on the table surface, it goes out of range of Area0.
That's why the motors are automatically switched off.
Areas0 up.JPG

There is a button on the pendant to release the brakes. We really advise you to do this operation not alone but with a colleague.
This functionality will release the Denso brakes, the robot will not be hold anymore what could damage the robot.

Here is the procedure:

Use the pendant while a colleague is holding the robot
Select the "manual" mode on both the pendant and the controller
  1. Click on "cycle stop brake"
1-Pendant Cycle stop brake up.jpg
  1. Select  "each axis" 
2-Pendant Each axis up.jpg
  1. Select the correct axis to release the appropriate motor. In your case, it should be Axis J2 or J3.
3-Pendant select the correct axis up.jpg
  1. Click the "OK" when the confirmation message happened.
  2. The position of the robot arm can be moved by hand
  3. Move the Robot head near the "Test position(X-Y), around Z= 10~20cm (no need exact position)
  4. Click again on the Axis to stop the release of the motor
  5. Select the "Auto" mode on both the pendant and the controller
  6. Then, you should be able to move the robot in the normal way.