How To Connect IQLM Antenna

Updated Jul 16, 2021




  • Micropross MP500TCL3 or PT1 , Active Reference PICC Antenna(for IQLM)

How does the IQLM antenna need to be supplied by external power?
We delivered the power cable which has 3 banana connectors.
(e.g. blue, black, red)

The Reference PICC for active load modulation antenna needs to be powered to function properly. The power cable has to be connected to the antenna J6 connector.

power supply pin map correction_2021Jul17_UP.JPG


Connect the communication antenna as follows:

  • J4 of the Active Reference PICC to MP500 TCL3 Analog IN with an SMA-SMA cable
  • HDMI of the Active Reference PICC to MP500 TCL3 AUX.1 with an HDMI cable

Next Steps

External Power supply requirements:
Laboratory power supply: +/- 12V, 200mA minimum.
Our recommendation: TTI EX354RD