Create Property Node for Front Panel Objects and Characteristics

Updated Nov 29, 2023



  • LabVIEW

  • I want to pass information from my LabVIEW VI's front panel to my block diagram, like the background color or references to all of the controls. How can I pass this information to my block diagram?
  • I have a property node for a front panel object in my code that I am migrating from one VI to another. When I moved the property node to the new VI, it now asks me for a reference though it didn't before. How can I get a reference to the front panel, or recreate this property node?
Pane property node from old to new VI.

The reference to a VI's front panel that a property node for a front panel object requires is unique to a given VI. Thus, when this property node is copied to a new VI, the reference disappears. This causes the behavior noted above, where the property node requests a new reference to a front panel after being copied into a new VI.

You can create a property node for your front panel using one of the below methods:
  • Right-click on the scrollbar on the window of your VI's front panel, and select Create->Property Node-><the property you want to get a reference to>. This will create a property node, shown below, with an implicit tie to your front panel that you can place on your block diagram to get the information you're looking for.
New front panel property node for the whole front panel (Pane).
  • Right-click on the scrollbar on the window of your VI's front panel, and select Create->Reference. This will create a reference constant to your front panel on your block diagram. From here, you can right-click on the reference output from this control and select Create->Property for <Name of Class> Class-><the property you want to get a reference to>
Depiction of using a front panel reference to create a new property node for the front panel Pane.
The above strategies also work for Invoke Nodes referencing a VI's front panel.