Can I Use Slot 10 of the PXIe-1092 for My PXIe Card?

Updated Apr 27, 2023

Reported In


  • PXIe-1092


  • PXIe-1092
  • PXIe-1486
  • PXIe-1487
  • PXIe-5841

Issue Details

The PXIe-1092 has a system expansion slot in slot 10 called the peripheral expansion slot. This has a black connector to the backplane of the chassis, which is different from the other slots. 

  • Can a regular single slot PXIe card be placed in slot 10? 
  • Can a multi-slot module use slot 10? 


This slot is to allow extra space in the chassis for multiple-slot modules to be placed in slot 9, for example: 

  • PXIe-1486 or PXIe-1487
  • PXIe-5841 
The connector provides access to the power lanes and from Revision B onwards, some CLK signals for the PXIe-5841.

You cannot connect a regular 1-slot card into slot 10, as it does not have the full set of connections to the backplane and will not operate correctly.


Additional Information

More information is available in the PXIe-1092 User Guide  in the Peripheral Expansion Slot section.