cDAQ Module Unable to Be Detected in Flexlogger

Updated Apr 12, 2022

Reported In


  • FlexLogger

Issue Details

I am using NI-9205 with Flexlogger, the module could not be detected in the Flexlogger however it can be detected in NI-MAX. The Flexlogger software also crash sometime when I try close it, any reason for this issue ?



This can occur due to the SentinelOne antivirus software. The InProcessClient64.dll, which is part of SentinelOne antivirus software, sees FlexLogger as "malicious" causing this behavior within FlexLogger.
  1. A quick way to resolve the behavior is to disable SentinelOne, this is also a good way to determine that SentinelOne is indeed the culprit.
  2. If disabling SentinelOne is not an option for you, speak to your IT department to go through the application logs to find the event that listed SentinelOne as stopping FlexLogger from running. From this list, you can create an exclusion within the SentinelOne Portal. 
    1. If this does not work, please reach out to SentinelOne at 1-855-868-3733 #2 and make a service request with them for further troubleshooting.