How to Use the TestStand Execution Profiler

Updated Jun 6, 2023

If you created a TestStand test sequence and would like to have more insight on its performance, you can use the TestStand Execution Profiler application. This tool will provide information on:
  • Step and Step Type Module Execution Times
  • Step and Step Type Module Load and Unload Times
  • Step Execution Times
  • Batch, UUT, and Lot Duration

Below are the instructions on how to use the Execution Profiler Utility in TestStand:

1, Open TestStand
2, Open the Execution Profiler utility by selecting Tools -> Profile Execution from the Menu bar
3, When opening the profiler it will be automatically running, otherwise you can start or stop it by clicking the Running/Paused button on the bottom left.
4, With the profiler running run the test sequence you would like to analyze
5, Result will be shown in real time and can be investigated after the test ran
6, You can clear the profiler windows by clicking the Clear button

As the test sequences are running the Execution Profiler will update in real time:

Next Steps

For more information on what data the profiler records, you can refer to the Execution Profiler article in TestStand help.