Changing the TestStand Text Appearance

Updated Nov 1, 2023



  • TestStand

In TestStand, the Sequence Editor and Execution Viewing both have a default text font, size and colour associated in both file and execution viewing. It is possible to customise these to meet your needs, such as requiring a larger or easier-to-read font. This article will cover how to customise the TestStand environment text appearance.

  1. Right-click anywhere in the Sequence Editor, go to Step List Configurations -> Edit Step List Configurations
    1. SeqEdit_Tkm8UvA7Tz.png
  2. In this menu, there are a few pre-configured settings for viewing files and for viewing configurations. It is possible to see the difference by clicking from "Default" to any other, e.g. "Large" which will then create larger font for editing or for executing (depending on which you configure).
  3. Press "New" to make a New Configuration.
  4. Press "Edit" to bring up the "New Configuration Properties":
    1. mspaint_PtigA8KH6L.png
  5. Select the "Fonts and Colors" section and it is possible to now change the various colours, font and font size for the TestStand interface.
  6. To create a template to share to other people, the contents of this section are saved in "SeqEdit.xml" which can be found at C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\National Instruments\TestStand 20XX (32/64-bit)
    1. Note that this is a general user configuration file that saves other user configurations. Make sure to back this up or combine configuration files if multiple edits have been made on different systems.

After following the steps to edit the text appearance, there is now a custom appearance of text in the Sequence Editor or Execution viewer: