Test Current for PXI-4065 Resistance Accuracy at 100MΩ Range

Updated Apr 27, 2023

Issue Details

In PXI-4065's resistance accuracy specification, its 100MΩ range has 500 nA|| 10 MΩ for its test current.
What does the 500 nA|| 10 MΩ mean?


The 500 nA|| 10 MΩ in the test current section for 100MΩ range of PXI-4065 means that there is a 10MΩ resistor parallel to the output of PXI-4065. This reduces the total resistance seen by the PXI-4065 and therefore brings down the voltage that the 500 nA test current causes across the load.

Below is how the connection looks like in the internal of PXI-4065 when 100MΩ range is used.