How Can I Set Custom Baud Rates for onboard CAN port on sbRIO with NI-DAQmx?

Updated Apr 27, 2023



  • sbRIO-9603
  • sbRIO-9608
  • sbRIO-9609
  • sbRIO-9628
  • sbRIO-9629
  • sbRIO-9638


  • NI CompactRIO

How can I set custom baud rates for onboard CAN port on sbRIO with NI-DAQmx?

This article is only applicable for sbRIO with NI-DAQmx. For legacy sbRIO, the sample point is defined within the source code of the Embedded CAN driver. It cannot be changed.

To configure the custom baud rate of a CAN port on sbRIO:
  1. Right click on the CAN port in LabVIEW Project Explorer and select Properties.
CAN Properties
  1. Under Channel Configuration category, select <custom> from Baud Rate drop down menu.
Channel Configuration
  1. Configure the custom baud rate. Refer to Interface:64bit Baud Rate and Interface:CAN:64bit FD Baud Rate for the detailed explanation of the Bit Timing Registers.
custom baud rate

To configure custom baud rate of a CAN interface programmatically, use Baud Rate Advanced or FD Baud Rate Advanced property node in the FPGA VI. You can refer to the shipping example CAN Configuration and Transmit (FPGA).vi of sbRIO CAN Programmatic Configuration.lvproj from NI Example Finder >> Hardware Input and Output >> CompactRIO >> Chassis Specific >> sbRIO with DAQmx.