Why Am I Getting a Version Conflict When Opening a Saved for Previous Version Sequence File in TestStand?

Updated May 11, 2021

Reported In


  • TestStand
  • TestStand 2010
  • TestStand 2020

Issue Details

I have a TestStand sequence file saved in TestStand 2020 but I need to open it on TestStand 2010 for visualization purposes only. I saved my sequence for TestStand 2010 and moved the file to my TestStand 2010 station, but I am still unable to open the file and I am getting an error saying that the NI_ATMLReportOptions type can't be open because it requires TestStand 2020. Why am I seeing this? How can I save the TeststandPersistedOptions?


This type is part of the TeststandPersistedOptions configuration which was added after TestStand 2010 this is why you load the sequence as it depends on that configuration file that does not exist within TestStand 2010. This configuration file is used by the TestStand Process Model to configure some of the reporting options in TestStand.

As an alternate method, to open the sequence file you can uncheck the property "Set earliest version that can use this type"  And then saving the sequence file for version 2010. This will allow you to open the sequence file without considering that data type. See the screenshot below for reference.
NI_ATMLReportOptions Properties