Scan Engine Reverts to Configuration Mode on Rebooting compactRIO

Updated Jun 7, 2023

Reported In


  • NI-9145
  • cRIO-9045


  • NI-Industrial Communications for EtherCAT

Issue Details

I'm reading EtherCAT I/O variables using NI-EtherCAT 9145 chassis and a compactRIO. Everytime I reboot the compactRIO, the scan engine goes back to Configuration mode, even though I set it to start in Active mode using the compactRIO properties in the project explorer. Why does this happen and how can I prevent this from occurring ?


It is expected for the scan engine to revert to configuration mode after a reboot, even if you've set scan engine startup mode to be Active in the LabVIEW project settings. This happens because EtherCAT requires scan engine to be in Configuration mode for it to cycle through various modes.

To change the scan engine mode, use Set Scan Engine and Get Scan Engine in your LabVIEW VI to explicitly place scan engine in the active mode.