Configuring AC Amplitude Sweep Analysis in Multisim

Updated Jun 6, 2023



  • Multisim

Operating System

  • Windows

One of the advanced circuit analysis types that can be used in Multisim is the Parameter Sweep.
The following steps will show you how to prepare Multisim for AC amplitude/magnitude sweep.

You need to define parameters, like variables when programming.
1. Create parameter Amplitude in the Circuit Parameters. If the Circuit Parameters window is not open, click View on the tab menu of Multisim and select Circuit Parameters.
Click on the first line and enter Amplitude


2. Place the AC_POWER component on the Sheet and build your circuit around.
3. Open properties of the AC_POWER by right-clicking on its symbol and navigating to Properties.
4. Enter the same parameter Amplitude in the "Voltage(PK)" instead of voltage numeric value and click OK.


3. After, the created parameter will appear in the Analysis parameters tab of Parameter Sweep analysis in the Circuit parameter settings.


Enter the rest of the parameters for analysis and press Run.
The example file is attached.