Choosing Synchronization Cable for PCIe-7820 to PCIe-7842

Updated Apr 27, 2023



  • PCIe-7820
  • PCIe-7842

To synchronize PCIe-7820 to PCIe-7842 modules Real-Time System Integration (RTSI) cables are used.
Particularly you need the following cable type; 34-Pin, Female RTSI, based on
NI PCIe-782xR RTSI Pinout.

Cables can be found on by navigating Home > Shop > Accessories > Cables > Ribbon Cable, or clicking here.
The right configuration of the cable, in this case, is shown below.
rtaImage (4).png
The rest of the parameters like Twisted Pairing and Length will be filtered automatically by the web page.
The minimal number for ribbon connections is 3, this means if there are only two modules to synchronize then one ribbon connection will be left not connected.

When choosing an RTSI cable pay attention to the RTSI pinout of PCI/PCIe modules and choose the right number of ribbon connections based on how many PCI/PCIe modules should be connected.