NI PXIe Chassis Enumeration Issues With Thunderbolt After Windows 10 Update

Updated Jan 3, 2024

Reported In


  • PXIe-8301
  • PXIe-4309


  • PXI Platform Services

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

My PXIe chassis was previously able to discover all the modules when connected to a host PC using NI PXIe-8301 Thunderbolt remote control module. However, my organization recently rolled out a standard Windows 10 update after which the chassis does not enumerate properly in NI MAX, and also some of the modules are missing.



This is a known issue that started to appear in Windows 10 version 1909 after a Windows update for the systems with NI PXI Platform Services version prior to 20.7. It involves the Windows Flattening Portal Bridge incorrectly configuring our hardware that is attached via Thunderbolt.

The fix is now applied in NI PXI Platform Services 20.7 and therefore we recommend updating to the latest version. Refer to NI PXI Platform Services 20.7 Readme for compatibility information. In case of compatibility issues obstructing the update, please contact NI Technical Support.

Additional Information

The systems impacted by this Windows 10 update might still see some of the modules in NI MAX. Also, the PXIe 8301 Link LED may remain amber.