One or More Errors Occurred While Parsing Command Line Arguments in NI Package Builder

Updated Jul 7, 2021

Reported In


  • NI Package Builder

Issue Details

  • I built a Package installer in NI Package Builder. When I try to open it on another machine I'm getting the following error:


     NI Package Manager 
One or more errors occurred while parsing command line arguments:
Unknown command: Support
How can I fix this issue?


We have narrowed down this behavior to an invalid character usage in the name or path of the solution (.pbs) developed in NI Package Builder. This invalid character is specifically the blank space. For example, Rep 1 controls.pbs or E:\Package builder files\Rep 1 Controls.pbs

In order to fix the problem please delete or replace the empty characters in the name of the solution created in NI Package Builder. For example, Rep_1_Controls.pbs or E:\PackageBuilderfiles\Rep_1_Controls.pbs

Additional Information

The 'Unknown command' tag could also be related to the following: builder.