How to Create SystemLink Error Log File

Updated Jan 5, 2023



  • SystemLink
  • SystemLink TDM DataFinder Module
  • Analysis Server
  • SystemLink TDM Analysis Add-On

When you encounter unexpected behavior or error during using SystemLink, it is often helpful to monitor SystemLink Service Manager or error message. When further investigation is required, you need to generate error logfile to check the status and events occurring for relevant services as well as your server machine.

There are two types of error logfiles for SystemLink Server.
  1. SystemLink TDM Diagnostics file
  2. SystemLink Support log

1. SystemLink TDM Diagnostics file

This error log stores logs related to SystemLink TDM (DataFinder, Data Preparation, Analysis). There are two methods to generate this logfile.

a. SystemLink DataFinder instance
After logging in SystemLink Web Application, go to the  Data Administration >> Data Indexing >> Global Settings >> Log File and Diagnostic File to open "Logfile" panel. Then you can generate log file from create button.
Generate Error Log.png

This procedure allows you to select the level of information to include in the logfile. There are three types: standard, extended, and user-defined, and the difference between each level corresponds to what part of Windows event level (error, warning, information) are stored. When you choose Extended, the logfile becomes too large. In addition since this logfile is always stored on the memory, you should not choose Extended other than the troubleshooting purpose. To generate Extended logfile, you have to switch the Logging mode = Extended and reproduce the issue again because the default logging mode = Standard.

EventLog and LogFiles are helpful for the troubleshooting related to TDM DataFinder and Analysis Server. Skyline logs are helpful for the troubleshooting related to  web services.

b. NI SystemLink TDM Configuration (TDM Server Control Panel)
You can create logfile by use of SystemLink TDM Configuration from Other >> Status >> Create diagonastic file.... You can generate Standard logfile by use of the procedure. When you cannot logging in SystemLink UI, you have to generate logfile by use of this procedure..

2. SystemLink Support Log

The SystemLink Support Log can be used to check the status of your SystemLink application. You can generate the logfile by selecting Generate Technical Support Report from Troubleshooting SystemLink Server Configuration and run generate.


The following log file will be created.