Loading ASAM ODS Database values in DIAdem generates “NOVALUE” fields.

Updated Apr 26, 2021

Reported In


  • DIAdem
  • ASAM e.V. DataPlugin for AOP5



Issue Details

I am using DIAdem 2020 SP1 to load ASAM ODS Database values considering the following structure:

- AOTest
- AOSubtest
- AOMeasurement
- AOSubmatrix (1)
- AOSubmatrix (2)
- AOSubmatrix (3)
- AOSubmatrix (4)

However, DIAdem automatically selects all AO Submatrices, which presumably leads to an undesirable mix-up of the channels. As a result, the data is displayed as 'NONVALUE' in DIAdem VIEW.

Escalation 1.png

I am interested in a solution that, for example, only selects a particular Submatrix (e.g. AOSubmatrix (2)) to avoid this issue.


Search and run the following VBScript in DIAdem SCRIPT: Ni_ods2dia_install.vbs

You can find it under this directory:

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\DIAdem 20XX\Libr\Documents\Utils\ODS\ni_ods2dia

After the script is executed, the option “Load ODS Data” will be enabled in

Context Menu
Answer 1.png

and Drag and Drop

Answer 2.png

As a result, the submatrices will be loaded in groups by using the option “Load ODS Data”

If you do not want these "NOVALUES" you should load the submatrices and do it without the value matrix.