Constant Initial Value Not Working On LabVIEW's Integration Function

Updated Apr 21, 2021

Issue Details

I need to add an initial value in the integration function, but when I add a constant value doesn't make a difference


This behavior is expected because the integration function expects an initial value with the same properties as the input signal, in this example ( a sin(x) integration ) our initial value will need to include magnitude, phase and offset, ( values equal to zero in a constant value). So, to include an initial value, we need a value that contains the same components. Here you can see a code example for this particular case:

You can see in the next picture the difference in the magnitude, phase, and offset between the original signal, the integration, and the integration with an initial value:

Additional Information

The example in this document is base in the sin(x) function integration. As we know:
From that, we know the magnitude and phase
  • Magnitude
  • Phase
  • Offset

Considering that we will see a difference in the output magnitude, phase and offset (C), so, these components are really important in the integration, and use a constant (with phase zero won't provide enough information).