Saving VI In Folder Path That Contains Non-English Characters

Updated Apr 22, 2021

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  • LabVIEW

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My Windows OS is in Korean and I am currently using LabVIEW in English version. I would like to save my VI in path that contains Korean characters but I kept encountering errors shown in the image and I could not save the VI at all. I am also unable to save my VI with title written in Korean. Is is possible to save a VI or project using LabVIEW English version in non-English characters? 
Customer VI.PNG


Please follow the following steps to enable saving VI title and path in non-English characters. 

1. Open Control Panel and go to Clock and Region
1. Control Panel.PNG

2. In the region setting, select the Region icon and a Region pop-up will appear.
2. Region.PNG

3. In the Region pop-up, select the Administrative tab and change the Current Language for non-Unicode programs to preferred language (location). 

4. The system will prompt for restart. Once you have restarted your computer/PC, you should be able to save the VI in a path that contains non-English character. 

4. Path.png